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Freakingly Fast Online OCR with

Sitting on a ton of scanned documents which you want to digitalize but do not know how to do so? Sure, there are many free Online OCR Services around but most of them are either rather slow or have upload limitations which might be annoying. Recently three started a service which might may a difference since it does not bother about such obstacles.

At you can submit as may pages as you want. The result will be available fast and the usage is straight-forward. As output you can choose both plain text and PDF and also the handsome DjVu Format. This is pretty convenient. In terms of speed the Online OCR offered by this site also is more than compatible. You might be surprised how fast all this goes.
As output formats you can choose both plain text and PDF and also the handsome DjVu Format is supported. The DjVu format has the advantage that is way better compressed than usual PDFs and therefore can save you some disk space. The PDF output has the advantage that it maintains the original structure of the document and yet remains searchable. This especially is useful for documents which contain a lot of graphics. The document looks like it should but is searchable. Of course there is also a lot of expensive tools for optical character recognition but the question is if it is really worth spending a lot of money on such software in our times. The trend clearly goes towards free online services and tools. I would not wonder if in future expensive software will disappear from the market.

If you know any other services fill free to drop a comment here. Of those which have been tested here won the competition.

You can check it out here: OcrGeek – Free Online OCR